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Solo Brainstorming Exercises

Brainstorming Exercises
Do you carve out time to just “think”?

Take time every day to go into the silence and just think about “stuff” that you need answers for.

Turn off your phone, TV, and all other electronics; hypnotize your Dog into a temporary coma; bribe any mice living in the house with extra cheese for good behavior; and most importantly ask for your spouse’s corporation so that you get through your session of “uninterrupted boredom” in the most boring manner possible.

A 60-minute session (with zero distractions) of just sitting and thinking helps bring clarity to many areas in your life. It also helps to list out what you’re looking answers for on a piece of paper. Otherwise, you might end up using that time thinking about the kid from third grade who stole your lunch money.

An alternative approach to this would be to go for a 30-60 minute relaxing walk around the park. Or just go somewhere close to nature (but without music and without your Pet Parrot perched on your shoulder)


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