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The Productivity Formula to Help You Get More Done Everyday

Productivity Formula

Do you take the time to stretch out your fins?

While it’s important for us to have a much greater level of focus than a ping pong ball during a game, it’s just as important for us to take short regular breaks to get the blood flow going and to keep the pulse awake.

So, create “work blocks” of around 80-120 minutes whereby you do nothing but work, breathe and occasionally blink your eyes.

Then take 10 minutes between those “work blocks” to stretch, jump, do a few pushups and lunges, grab a healthy snack/smoothie, drink some water and listen to an inspiring song etc.

After the 10 minute break, dive back into another “work block” with your scuba gear firmly attached.

This approach keeps the work light, fun and breezy and you’re less like to damage any of the internal circuitry or notice any smoke venting out your ear canals. As an added bonus, the breaks themselves help increase your productivity and creativity as your subconscious is most active when you’re away from the “crime scene”.

By the way, I use a neuroscience based music service that claims to increase your attention span by up to 400% called “Focus at will”. I also use a free online personal analytics tool called “Rescue Time” to track my “productivity”.


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