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How to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone Without Feeling “Uncomfortable”

How to get out of your comfort zone

It’s time to leave your Comfort zone!

We cannot reach our highest potential when we’re holding onto what’s familiar, comfortable and safe.

This is often times the dilemma many people in the workforce have in whether or not to start working for their favorite Bosses (i.e themselves).

The solution is to have a meeting with your new Boss (i.e. y-o-u) and then make a commitment to work for them for about 2 hours of each day (after you get home from work). Obviously, explain to your spouse what you’re up to, so that you don’t get murdered in your sleep (whilst in the middle of an exciting dream).

That way you can use a part of your salary (after you put aside enough money for all of the “moderately important stuff” like food, water, electricity, heating, clothing, toothpicks, romance and sanity etc.) to fund your new legal and ethical business.

Then once your business revenues exceed your daytime salary, you can introduce your Boss to your pet Rottweiler (the one that’s already caused your neighbors a great deal of excruciating pain) and leave them to “bite it out”.


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