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Power of Belief: Are You Still Limiting Yourself with Disempowering Beliefs and Subconscious Beliefs?

Power of belief

Are you living up to YOUR expectations or conforming to someone else’s?

Don’t let the boundaries set by other people dictate your life or your potential.

If you have a dream in your in your heart that doesn’t seem to be going away, no matter how many ice packs you put on your head, then that dream/calling has been put in there by your almighty Creator. And when the Chairman and Founder of the Universe emails a dream to your mind (backed with a promise), you can bet he’s got everything lined up for you to bring that dream to pass. It might not be as “straightforward” as an all-in-one travel package. But it’s real. So, tune out the chirping sounds of those busybodies, tune into the Supernatural Station and get to work!

Then every time someone tries to push you down, bite you in the ankle or just tell you that you’re just “full of it”, start working a little bit harder and a little bit longer every time (as I had done many times).

It’s your life! Don’t let anyone else treat it like their doodle pad.


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