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Do You Have a Feedback Process Behind Everything You Do?

Feedback Process

To see if something’s working or not, it often helps to monitor the progress (or the lack of it) with a fine-tooth comb.

If something’s not working after numerous attempts and hasn’t worked for anyone in the past, it might not be such a bad idea to stop doing it (atleast until you’ve built your empire). More often than not, pioneering is about “improving upon something that’s already there”. Or about meeting an existing need better.

If you have a “calling in your heart” to be different and feel the urge to boldly go where no “sane person” has gone before, then by all means follow it. But if it’s just the Double Americano you had a while ago that’s doing the talking, then you might wanna hold out on that for a while (atleast for a couple of years).

A “true calling” will chase you around year after year (much like a dog’s tail chasing him around no matter where he goes and what he does). It’s there before your morning shower and it’s there afterwards. It’s there before you hit your head on the sink and it’s still there afterwards. In other words, it’s pretty much “stuck on you” like Lionel Richie.

Now, if you haven’t as yet gotten that “true calling” email from the Supernatural Realm, then don’t worry about it. It’ll show up “at the right time”. In the meantime, you can pursue an opportunity or venture that’s “close to your heart”, ethical, isn’t financed by a criminal syndicate, has a “proven” track record of 3 or more years, is replicable and is backed by the assurance of a “trustworthy name” (company or person). Then all you have to do is grab that sucker by the tail and rinse and repeat the heck out it all the way to the Bank. You can even outsource it to a team of “loyal minions” to help multiply your “luck factor”.



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