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Foods That Help You Lose Weight and Keep It Off for Good

Foods that help You lose weight

Are yo on a yo-yo diet?

Dieting doesn’t work long-term because it’s primarily about restricting you to a few food groups, smaller portions and a ton of torture.

The other reason why diets don’t work is because many of the foods you’re being asked to eat are still partially processed or altered. For instance,
many of the “healthy foods” that come in some kind of airtight packaging are processed or infused with some kind of Chemical or Catnip. The giveaway is in the fact that they can be kept around for longer than a few days.

So the solution is to..stop eating ‘food’?

Nope. The real solution to permanent weight loss and good health is to switch everything you eat for 6 days a week to what Mother Nature’s provided us with and to eat them the way they had been provided to us (in other words eat them raw). When something comes directly from our Creator’s Warehouse, it just works right out of the box (without the need for batteries or pasta sauce).

So for 6 days a week, we switch everything we eat or drink to Fruits, Vegetables,Greens, Seeds, Nuts, Eggs, Milk and plenty of water.

You can eat em just as they are if you prefer. But if you don’t particularly like appearing like a Rabbit during mealtimes, you might wanna consider having them in the form of smoothies and egg salads.

For smoothies, I would suggest that you grab a few free recipes from the Vitamix, Nutrininja, and Nutribullet official websites.

It might be worth getting one of these bad-ass blenders too, as they can rip through those Veggies like a cat’s claw on a sofa.

And the Egg Salads are pretty much made with.Eggs and Salads. You can throw in a few Greens in there as well for the full Popeye effect and add a generous drizzle of olive or sesame oil to knock the daylights out those hunger pangs. Also, try to make your plate as colorful as possible (without using crayons) so that you don’t miss out on any of the vital nutrients.

At the beginning, how much you eat and when you eat is entirely up to you. I normally alternate between salads and smoothies every 2-4 hours.

Obviously, when you’re aiming for your 6 pack, you’ll need to introduce a little bit of portion control into the mix. But contrary to any infomercials you may have seen, that’s always the last piece of the puzzle. And pushing down too hard on the accelerator when you’re still in first gear may not look that pretty.

And aside from clean eating, aim to drink at least 1 full glass of water every hour. This cannot be emphasized enough. In fact, if you integrate this one little habit into any of your existing diets, you’ll start seeing transformational results within months.

Oh, and it might be worth cooking the eggs and going with pasteurized milk as opposed to raw. Since we have the biological design of an omnivore, going raw with animal based proteins is not recommended.

So, 6 days of clean eating means that on the 7th day, you can eat and drink anything you like (provided you stick with the hourly water ritual mentioned earlier).

But if all this sounds like too much of a leap, just start by switching one of your processed foods with a fresh produce every week until you’ve finally said your Goodbyes to the Dark side and Darth Vader’s seven dwarfs.

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