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10 Questions That Will Tell You Whether You’re Living Up to Your Fullest Potential Or not

fullest potential

Are you a sucker for incentives and perks? Are they enough of an incentive for you to stay at the same workplace for another 99 years?

Are you happy with your current workplace? Do you feel wanted? And appreciated? Or do you notice too many doors slamming on your face?

Are you happy with your current income? How long has it been since you had a pay raise (ideally something more than a dollar or a chocolate dollar)?

How close are you your next promotion? And until people start bowing and saluting you at every corner?

Are you happy with what you’ll be earning when you retire? Or would you have to do 25 part-time jobs alongside just to break even?

Do you have a contingency in place should you get fired? Or if the company gets overrun by an army of cute, fluffy chipmunks? Or worse, if your Boss suddenly decides to feed you to the Lions?

Do you have enough money in the bank to avert all emergencies (including job loss, health crisis, family matters and all genuine pizza emergencies)? You should ideally have 12 months’ worth of “income” stored away for those rainy days, and snowstorms.

When you go home after Work, are you in rush to get back in the next day? Or do you just wish that you could never go back (and still get paid)?

Does your Work leave a shimmering glow around your cheeks and a dazzling smile? Or does it feel like you just donated a pint of blood and a flock of hair?

Are you living the life you had always dreamed of? Or do you feel that you’re far too busy building your “Boss’s dreams” instead?

Do you love bragging about how awesome your job is to everyone you know? Or do you intentionally mispronounce your place of work whenever it comes up?

Would you be happy if your Kids (including the 3-month-old) got hired by your workplace tomorrow? And they were given put on the same salary/rate at you?  Since Kids generally become carbon copies of us right down to the way their wiggle their ears and twitch their noses, our “default level of aspiration” also becomes their own.

Now, if the answers to these questions are anything short of “gratifying”, then maybe it’s time for you to start thinking about a life that you can truly call you own. And the only way you can do that is by going to work for the guy or gal that brushes your teeth every morning and night (yes, that would be you, unless you have some kind of a special arrangement with your Dental hygienist).

Going to work for yourself can be a scary leap at first. But you can make it far less of a leap by keeping your job, just until you have a Business that actually “pays you” for showing up (and perhaps one day even for not showing up).

Now, for all of that to become a reality we need to first build a solid enough foundation. And the first step to building that “non-rickety” foundation starts by finding the right mentors.  You can also learn a heck of a lot from well-reviewed books that have been written on the subject. And once you have the raw ingredients in place, be determined to work at it until all the brickwork, the wallpaper and decorations are in place.

However, refrain from going after a “business model” that appeals to you from a “money standpoint”. That’s no different to marrying someone for money. Sure. You’ll be happy for the first 2 weeks (or the first 2 months if you’re lucky). After that you’ll have to pay the “price of disappoint” until the day they die. Or until they have an untimely “accident” and are forced to leave you all their stuff. That’s provided they don’t have a prenup in place.


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