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What’s the Latest Scoop on High Paying Jobs?

high paying jobs

The demand for Professionals that was there a while back just isn’t there anymore.

So, give yourself a fighting chance by expanding your horizons (and by trying out a different pair of shoes for your next job interview). If opportunities are limited, explore other options within your field and (if absolutely necessary) explore other fields.

However, if what you’re pursuing is in line with your “true calling”, then the Universe will have your back (regardless of your faith or the lack of it). Then at the right time, all of the “Lego pieces” will just “fit together”.

By the way, the chairman and founder of the Universe determines the “timing” aspects of these “events” along with…. nearly everything else. You’re just required to “do the work” without all the excess snoring and complaining.  Oh, and you’re also expected to keep your “hope” and your cat alive too.


Now, how do you know for certain if something’s your true calling? And that it’s not just the double Americano from this morning talking?

You’ll have the answer to that by asking yourself 2 more confusing questions:

  1. Does the career you have chosen for yourself “run in your veins” (without it disrupting your blood circulation or breathing)?
  2. Do you get excited enough in the morning to run to work in your pajamas? If you’ve not yet entered the workforce, does your “job search” get you just as excited? Or does it feel like you’re being dragged to work (or to your job search) at gunpoint everyday?

If what you’re doing does align with your true calling, then your face and everything around it will light up like a Christmas tree every time you talk about it, think about it or even daydream about it. If it doesn’t, you’re probably onboard the “train to Nowhereville”. And you should bail out the first chance you get (ideally not while the train is moving at 267 Miles per hour though).


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