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Inability to Express Emotions? How to Express Feelings in Words to A Man, Woman, Cat, Dog or Walrus

Inability to express emotions

Be expressive and generous with happy emotions and positive words. But be Conservative and Stingy with the rest.

So, feel free to say nice things about each other and do nice things for one other (and as frequently as humanly possible).

But never blame, criticize, distrust, complain, condemn or judge, unless you have a goodbye kiss waiting in your back pocket. Nothing good ever comes out of a bad deed, even if it’s fueled with good intentions.

Always remember your relationship is YOUR garden. You can keep it happy and beautiful only for as long as you diligently care for it. The moment you stop caring, the “weeds” start flirting and flashing their numbers at your partner/spouse. And before you know it, the “weeds” have already moved in and stomped out all the flower beds that you had worked on for years.


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