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How to Be Blessed Beyond Your Wildest Dreams (no Religion Required)

How to Be Blessed

Be accepting! And be Awesome!

Our Creator doesn’t reward double standards or discrimination of any form. He rewards excellence and unconditional love.

When you walk this world with love, joy, and gratitude every minute of every day, you instantly become a magnet for “Supernatural Favor” in a way you cannot even fathom.

And no, you don’t need a religion or have a million bucks stashed away in your old getaway vehicle for this.

The only thing that you need for this is your “humanity”. I suppose you can sprinkle in a tablespoon of “humor” in there too. But no more than a tablespoonful, because you don’t wanna get arrested for “excessive giggling”.

So, how the heck can the Chairman and Founder of the Universe know when we’re operating with love, hate or total evilness (especially when we restrict all our evil doings to our basements afterhours)?

Here’s how…

When the “Chairman” manufactured us in his Special Supernatural laboratory, he implanted a series of invisible bugs into our brains, eyes, and ears, before beaming us down to this little blue planet.

Therefore, he pretty much sees what we see and hears what he hear. And he knows exactly what we’re thinking about, all the time. In fact, he knows what we’re about to do and when, right down to the last millisecond, 50 years in advance. But he’s not just in the business of watching our current and future life projections from the Captain’s chair. He also has the power to influence every life event in our lives right down to determining where every last raindrop of lands. Obviously, he doesn’t go that far (or even anywhere close to it) as that kind of “intervention” would cause billions of people around the World to poop their pants every few minutes. But he can and will reward you (selectively) in person when you become an “elite human being” with a heart that shimmers with goodness (particularly on those bright sunny days).

You can find out more about our Creator’s simple (and non-religious) “scoring system” that will take every single aspect of your life to a whole new level by clicking here…or here.


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