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How to Deal With a Difficult Child

How to Deal With a Difficult Child

Ever wondered where your kids get their temperament and habits from?
Well, they no longer arrive gift wrapped with cute little bows like they used to.

In fact, our Kids almost always become byproducts of who we are by default right down to the way they sneeze, burp and giggle. In fact, they’ll even treat their spouse and Kids, choose the type of person to marry, decide whether or not they stay in a committed relationship, decide to live clean and sober and even decide which Banks to rob, all based on the programming that goes in through their eyes, ears and little antennas.

Now, that doesn’t mean they’re stuck with that programming forever. They can change it through disassociation and repetitive reprogramming, much like washing the grime off a dish with clean water but over a much longer period of time. But generally, for most folks, this never happens because they can’t find anything clean enough to feed their brain with and even if they could they’ll be too preoccupied with Soap Operas and Doughnuts that they’ll be bothered to.

So if your Child is exhibiting any behavior that makes your eyebrows curl and your nose twitch, then what you really need to be looking at is what’s been fed into their minds, starting with what we say, what we do, who we associate with, how many gangs and book reading clubs we’re affiliated with, how much we laugh and have fun, what we watch on TV (even when they’re presumably asleep), how much time we spend with them, how much love we put out into the universe and how we “live life” in general.

And if he/she has too much free time on their hands where they can pick up habits and behavior patterns that are less than sugary sweet, then just hang out with them and have fun and let your goodness wash over them
whilst making sure to leave any blame, criticism and judgment outside.

It’s best to sneak in the good stuff now, without them realizing it so that it digests and marinades slowly in their slightly squishy brains over the coming years. That way they’ll not only have a fighting chance at life but when they grow up and become happy, healthy and productive themselves, they’ll go around bragging on you for being the best Parents any child can ever hope for.

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