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Tired of Settling for Second Best? Then It’s Time to Reinvent Your Life!

reinvent your life

Be the architect of your own life.

Are you living up to your heart’s desires?

Or are you just settling for whatever life gives you?

Maybe you’re stuck at a job that you don’t like.

Why not take the time to figure out what really lights you up and leaves a shimmering glow on your cheeks all day long?

Better yet, why not start your own Business, so that you don’t spend the rest of your days building someone else’s Castle in exchange for a little Sandcastle and a Cookie?

Maybe you have a desire to look trim and sexy, but you’ve settled for eating whatever shows up in front of you, even if it’s a live porcupine.

But, you recently heard from an Olympian Giraffe that the real secret to weight loss, youth, and vibrancy is to eat only fresh produces (fruits,vegetables,greens, nuts, seeds, eggs, and milk), drink a few barrels of water and to exercise for at least half an hour every day. So why not come up with a bite-sized plan to shake and wiggle off those extra pounds?

Or maybe you’re stuck in a relationship where the spark appears to have fizzled away over time. Why not find ways to reignite that flame (without the use of matchsticks)?

Stop settling for mediocrity and start designing and reinventing your life just the way you wanna live it. Obviously, that doesn’t mean living an uncompromising and self-centered life because that always lead to a long walk off a short peer.

But it does mean that you have the opportunity and access to all the information you’ll ever need to design a truly fulfilling life in fine detail, right down to your toenails.

Sure. It’s gonna take a while. It may in some cases take as long as 5-10 years to get there. But once you do, the life that you live each and every day becomes a byproduct of your own design. And it’ll feel like waking up to the fairy tale of your own making.

And the coolest part is when you have the right info, you can even restore your youth and slow down the aging process dramatically much like what many Actors,Actresses,Models, Athletes (and ordinary folk like me) have done.
But always start out with Baby steps and build up slowly and gradually, as this is where a majority of folks dissolve into puddles of wishful thinking.

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