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Stress Buster: 5 Ways to Reduce Your Stress Dramatically

Stress Buster

5 stress reduction techniques that will transform your life (and the lives of everyone around you)

Do you have a strategy in place to tickle away your stress and anxiety?

Well, I suppose you could try sleeping all day and seeing if that works.

But if that doesn’t work, then try the following:

1. Switch to 100% Raw Foods for 6 days a week – I personally have 3 smoothies (made with fresh fruits, veggies, leafy greens, nuts, seeds and skim milk) and 2 egg salads (made with fresh veggies, leafy greens, eggs, salads, natural spices and healthy oils such as olive and sesame oil)

Raw foods are full of nutrition,vitality, and awesomeness. They are not subjected to the typical mood and energy fluctuations as processed foods are.

2. Workout for 30 minutes each day – Exercise melts through a good portion of stress, much like a knife on butter

3. Drink a glass of water every hour – When the “flow” is clear, your body starts working like a well-oiled machine.

4. Have a Refreshing water feature in your Office or Living room – The sound of water not only puts you in a calm meditative state, but it also shields your mind against those arson and robbery related thoughts that are trying to take root.

5. Meditate for 30 minutes each day – If you’ve ever seen a TV episode or movie of “Star Trek”, you’ll recall the first thing that the “Enterprise” does, when she encounters a hostile vessel of some sort (like a Giant flying cat for instance) is “raise her shields”. And from that point on, as long as those shields are holding, the ship and her crew can sing and dance like crazy, because they would be immune to whatever it gets battered with. And that is pretty much what Meditation does to your state of mind.

It flushes away any remaining stress and anxiety from your body (after exercise) and then puts an invincible cloak around your mind (and your earlobes), so that you not only become immune to the outside World, but you’ll also feel awesome and blissed out all day long.

I do 30 minutes of the “Mindfulness of Breathing” or the “Relation Response” in the morning, before starting work and a session of “Life Flow” before going to bed. If you’re looking for an effortless meditation and one that’s just “plug and play”, then try life flow. But sit up straight and away from the back of the wall or chair unless you’re looking to add snoring and head nodding to the experience.

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