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How to Go From “I Don’t Like My Job” To “I Love My Job”

I love my job

Does your Job feel like one Jab on the nose after another?

It did for me. But after nearly 10 years my hamster wheel started creaking and croaking. That’s when I knew that it was time to jump off. Actually, I was kinda nudged off the hamster wheel at the same time. The funny part is that after a couple of months I wanted to jump on the same creaky and hazardous hamster wheel again. Thankfully, I was “fortunate enough” to NOT be granted that wish.

Now, your workplace might have a shinier hamster wheel than the one I was used to, with cozier carpeting, a miniature coffee machine, music, a recreation room, a generous supply of fresh fruits, veggies, seeds, grains, nuts and a ton of other little hamster perks.

Or maybe your hamster wheel doesn’t even feel like a wheel because it’s so spacious and elegant. And comes with a spectacular view…of the building across the street.

But however well compensated you are right now, you have to start thinking about what life would be AFTER retirement.

  • Will you continue to receive what you’re earning now? Or even a fraction of it?
  • Would you have anything to call your own after all those years of service?
  • What would your contingency be if your Boss’s Company (and your Boss) both get eaten by a Godzilla?
  • Would you have to find another job then, just to make ends meet?
  • And given that our Children eventually become carbon copies of us one day, is that the kind of life you want them to live?

Now, I am not saying you should jump ship right now. In fact, that would be a very bad idea. But what you can do is start putting the brickwork in place for a sweeter life (a life that comes embroidered with your trademarked smile, a Business that you can one day proudly pass onto your Kids and Pets), all whilst enjoying that amazing view at work.

Then when your Business revenues exceed what you’re earning at your current j-o-b, you could buy your own building with a better view (overlooking your old workplace).


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