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Healthy Kids Meal Ideas

Kids meal ideas

If eating healthy was the ONLY option in your house, unhealthy taste buds wouldn’t even bother ringing your doorbell.

Kids aren’t the biggest fans of health foods, mainly because they had already been introduced to various members of the “Junk Food Family”.  Unfortunately, the Junk Food Family, much like the Addams Family don’t really have your best interest at heart.

In fact, if they hang around your Kids long enough, they may even end up introducing your Kids to their extended family members: obesity, diabetics, heart disease, cancer, stroke, high blood pressure, gallstones, osteoarthritis, breathing problems, high blood pressure, confusion, bewilderment and total chaos. And those are not the kind of friends anyone would wanna have in their circle, let alone their kids.

So, what’s the workaround to that?

Simple.  Start leading a “healthy lifestyle” right out of the gate.

Taste buds for the most part are “acquired”. That’s how the whole human race developed an affinity for fish and meat, even though neither of those food groups were ever mentioned on the “Menu card” that was handed to us at birth by our Creator. In fact, the only things Mama and Papa Nature gave us the thumbs up for are raw and organic fruits and vegetables, because our body has the “mechanism built-in” (with a lifetime warranty) to digest those foods without a single burp or hiccup.

When you fall in love with the “right kind of foods” and start sneering at every piece of processed food that passes by your nose, you’ll only become accustomed to the your newfound “taste buds”, but you’ll pass those admirable habits down to your kids with “sponge like brains” (not the edible variety, the other kind).

Obviously, that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to all your unhealthy and evil savories. You can still hang around with the baddies for maybe once a week or one whole day a week if you prefer. But no more, as you and your Kids would end up paying too big of a price for those “delicious and potentially lethal compromises” otherwise.

Now, eating healthy doesn’t mean that you have to grouch and groan through every bite like you were chewing grass next to a Cow…under the Moooooon. It can be a whole lot of fun too, provided you knew the right recipes and smiled while chewing.

My meals for 6 days a week comprise of salads and smoothies. When I say salads, there’s a whole lot of “finely cut” vegetables in there too along with maybe a couple of eggs. I also season it with healthy oils such as Coconut oil, Olive oil and Sesame oil. And top it all off with some all-natural spices, Himalayan salt and maybe a little bit of ricotta cheese for the flavor.

As per the Smoothies, many of my recipes have been “borrowed” from (which by the way are exceptionally delicious and healthy at the same time). You’ll also need a really badass blender to compliment these recipes (unless you have the uncanny ability to crush em with your bare hands). I personally recommend the NutriNinja. That’s a blender by the way, not a Ninja jampacked with nutrition. There’s also the Vitamix blender, which was first used by Brontosauruses and Ultrasauruses (way back when electrical appliances were powered by solar power and vivid imagination).  In addition to the Vitamix recipes, you may also wanna get yourself a copy of “201 Healthy Smoothies & Juices for Kids” by Amy Roskelley and Nicole Cormier. It has 201 healthy Smoothies and juices for Kids (just as you suspected). I avoided recommending NutriNinja recipes here because they don’t particularly look “that healthy” to me.

As per the how much and when, I now have 3 smoothies and 3 “small salads” each day about 2-3 hours apart. Small meals digest quickly. And unlike with their animal protein counterparts and processed foods, you don’t have to wait several days (or months) for them all to complete their journey to the “other side”.

In addition to the smoothies and salads, aim to have around 1 glass of water every hour. This will ensure the “food particles” will have a congestion free journey through the digestive tract, with zero traffic tickets and indigestions. Never go hungry at any time though, as it can cause you to evaporate or float. Or worse, it could lead to a bad case of gastric ulcers. If you feel your tummy vibrating (like a cellphone) or hear the earth moving below you, grab something healthy to patch up the empty areas of your stomach asap.

Lastly, kick out the big bad wolves called “TV commercials” that’re constantly trying to steer your kids over to the dark side. You can eliminate all your TV commercials with an Amazon Prime account or a Netflix subscription. Oh, that does mean you have to get rid of all your regular channels. But hey, that’s a small price to pay for the “lives of your children”. Then again, given that services like Amazon Prime carry nearly 19,000 movies and 2,000 TV shows and given that you could be saving yourself around $5,000/month on cable subscriptions, I would call that a win-win.


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