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Lead by Example: Even in Your Business Life

Lead by Example

Never sell or recommend anything that you don’t believe in or use yourself!

In fact, a surefire way to send your potential customers running in the other direction is to say that you had never used whatever you’re selling. Or worse, pretend that you have and get found out…after you had pumped way too many diet cokes into your system.

Whenever someone recommends a product or service or gives you a bad review of a competing product in an effort to make theirs look better, do your due diligence first.  Are they telling you the truth? Or do feel like you’re being intoxicated with chocolates, blindfolded, and being led down the garden path?

One of the easier ways of finding out if someone’s telling the truth (without slapping a confession out of them) is by reading their Body Language. You can master the subject of body language in as little as a few weeks by reading, rereading re-rereading a good book on the subject. A book that’s helped me a ton in many areas is “The Definitive Book of Body Language” by Barbara and Alan Pease. Since 90% of our communications are non-verbal, it’s near enough impossible for anyone to fully mask their true feelings and intentions. That would be much like trying to muffle a very talkative Pomeranian with your bare hands. Not only is it not very effective, but you’ll be lucky if you have more than two fingers left afterwards.

The second thing you can do is verify in person whether or not they actually use what they’re selling. Obviously, if they’re recommending a particular brand of socks, it might not be possible to verify that without ruffling a few feathers and perhaps without getting punched on nose in the process.

So, if you cannot verify if what a seller’s offering or recommending then does that mean that they’re lying? And that they should be sentenced to a 20-year criminal punishment of torturous tickling?

Maybe not. If you cannot verify their usage of one item, then try another. And another either in the past or present. And use that evidence to derive your own assumption.

Total integrity is sexy! It makes you a magnet for all the good things life has to offer (provided you practice it long enough). And when your kids see how awesome and genuinely fabulous you are, they’ll not only start bragging about you to their friends and pets, but they’ll also aspire (and work hard) at becoming someone just like you.


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