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“I Need a Blessing” – 4 Non-Religious Strategies to Make You a Magnet for Supernatural Favor

I Need a Blessing


Wouldn’t it be awesome if you too could be in the spotlight, instead of just admiring the great achievers from a distance?

Up until a few years ago, I used to believe that I was destined to live the rest of my days as a blue-collar worker. And the only perks that I would ever be entitled to were the occasional bonuses, the free coffee, the cozy staff discounts and the 3 weeks per year I got paid for not showing up for work.

Then, life decided to pinch me in the ass several times, to the point that I had to get up, put a few of bandages on and grow (in my health, in my relationships, in my spirituality and ultimately in my finances).

And here’s what I discovered in my journey of running around in circles with the hope of getting ahead, of bumping into random trees with the hope of “breaking through to the next level”, and of holding my breath with the hopes of discovering my true calling:

When your mind opens up to new possibilities, so does the Universe. It’s almost like the Universe has planted a bug in your brain that has the ability to track your thoughts and expectations. So, the second you switch gears and start moving toward an ethical, non-violent and kitten-friendly destination (whatever it is), the Universe will start making the “phone calls” necessary (in the background) to align the resources, the people and even the funding necessary to bring those goal to fruition. If that destination is your “true calling” the Universe will work day and night (without any lunch breaks) to make reaching your destination about 70% easier. Obviously, that doesn’t mean you get to kick back on a hammock with a strawberry milkshake while the Universe does all the work. But it just means that that with the Universe’s help, the likelihood of you reaching that destination is multiplied manifold. That’s not to mention all the lucky breaks, favorable circumstances and favorable coincidences that just “start showing up” at your doorstep. It’s kinda like driving to a faraway destination with a roadmap, headlights, some music and a whole lot of snacks, as opposed to trying to get there with just your “intuition”.

So, why would “the Universe” bother helping a guy like me, who strongly believed that the whole world ran on milkshakes and circumstances? And someone who openly criticized and even laughed at the possibility of there being someone or something much “bigger” and “taller” than us?

Well, here’s why: Despite my many, many, many, many, many flaws and the unusual curvature of my forehead, my moral compass rarely ever ran out of batteries. Also, about a year before my life took a turn for the worse (from a preexisting state of hopelessness), I started making a monthly contribution of around 10% of my net income every single month to an orphanage. And I stayed faithful to those monthly contributions even when I was jobless, beardless and nearly homeless.

Just as importantly, I resisted the urge to punch every Dude that gave me the “doormat” or “coffee filter” treatment. Okay. I may have slipup up a “little bit” occasionally. But that was way back during my “diaper days”.

Then as the years progressed, I experimented with more virtues (the kind that most people dismiss as a “waste of time”).  And rediscovered “how the Universe works”.  I’m not talking about the planets going around the Sun in circles like a bunch of tennis balls on strings. I’m talking about what the Creator of the Universe really “responds to”, what he doesn’t respond to, what he rewards, what makes him yawn and what he “temporarily” punishes. And all without a gazillion pages of religious text or even any kind of “religious branding”.

Also, the “virtue formula” that I rediscovered are easy to follow. In fact, a little too easy for it to be all be discounted as a bunch of baloney. And that’s precisely what limits the potential of most individuals across the globe. That and whole lot of ice cream.

So, without further ado, lets pull the curtain on the 4-virtue system that will surround your life with supernatural favor and protection beyond measure (around the clock):

1.Make it your life’s mission to help other people (i.e. your Creator’s Children). That pretty much includes every Human being residing on this Planet. But feel free to skip helping the ones that greet you with a gun at the door.

2. Spend a few minutes each day being “thankful” for everything that you have and for all the things that your Creator in the process of resolving (Now, if you don’t believe in a Creator, you always refer to him as “science” or “nature” or whatever you deem to be “bigger” than you.

3.Donate 10% or more of your net income every month to a worthy cause (i.e. a charity that helps people “genuinely” in need, not kittens who pretend to be homeless).

4. Do more than what is expected of you every single day whether it’s at work, whether it’s through the time you spend with your family, whether it’s in your fitness regimen or whether it’s your contribution to society etc.

Make this simple 4-step formula your “daily spiritual meal plan”, and given time you’ll be astonished at how different life would be a few years from now, or even a few months from now (in a good way). By the way, this daily spiritual meal plan doesn’t actually add any calories to your daily calorie intake. But it can leave you feeling kinda floaty at the end of each day.

To find out more about our Creator’s simple (and non-religious) “scoring system” that can shape every single aspect of your life visit this page…or click the blueish text right here.


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