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“I Want To Start My Own Business” – 3 Questions To Find The Right Business For You

I Want To Start My Own Business

A person in the US only stays at a job for an average of 4.4 years (according to the Forbes magazine), which means that many people living the 9 to 5 grove, would be spending a good portion of their lives just “looking” for work.

Now, I don’t know about you. But having a steady job for just 1-10 years and then having to worry about which job to apply for afterward isn’t something that just tickles me with excitement. I particularly don’t like the idea of working for someone for years and then have nothing to show for it. And that’s why I decided to go to work for the Man who looks back at me in the mirror every morning.

Starting your own Business is not about picking the shiniest or the most lucrative opportunity that pops up in your inbox and then launching out into the deep. They can work, but for the most part, if your heart and every fiber of your being aren’t fully invested into the venture, then it’s bound to fail sooner or later. Obviously, that doesn’t mean you have to love everything about the Business you get into because the parts that you don’t like can easily be outsourced. But you and both your customers do have to love the end product.

Now, if you’re already dabbling at the thought of starting your own business, my first piece of advice is that you hold onto your job (at least on a part-time basis). That way you would have a source of income to pay your bills with and to serve as Venture Capital for your Business. Then, when your Business revenues regularly exceed your job-related income, you can gracefully leave your present place of work by frantically running toward the nearest fire exit.

As per what type of Business you would like to get into, consider the following questions:

1. Who are the people you respect the most as Individuals, Leaders, Role Models and as Professionals? And what do they do for a living?

2. If you had a hobby that helped and served other people in some way, what would it be? Would this be something you would be just as happy to share with your Family and Friends?

3. Do you have a dream in your heart for a particular Business that just lights you up every time you think about it (and it doesn’t go away even after your morning shower)?

Now, your perfect Business model doesn’t have to weave into all 3 questions. But if it does, then it’s something you would have the fortitude and gumption to make happen, regardless of how many times you get struck by lightning.

Now, if starting your own Business doesn’t appeal to you, for whatever reason, then use the following tips to improve your odds of landing that dream job you’ve always wanted:

1. Build up an exceptional reputation with your current Employer by being the person who comes in early to work, stays in late, has a great attitude never complains, gets things done faster, never calls in sick (unless maybe you got hit by a Rhinoceros or something), keeps up with company culture and training programs and dresses professionally with meticulous care.

These simple virtues, when repeated daily over the course of a couple of Centuries, would not only put you in line for any upcoming promotions but they also pretty much Guarantee you a glowing reference for your next Employer.

2. Tap into the life-changing resource “Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 3.0 by Jay Conrad Levinson” to help you with the remainder of your journey in landing that perfect dream job

By the way, I am not in any way affiliated with the book mentioned here.

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