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Laxatives for weight loss? How About a 3-Step “Digestible” Weight Loss Plan That Works Everytime (For Everyone) Instead?

laxatives for weight loss

The Red Pill or the Blue Pill?

Let’s say that the Blue Pill is the road to obesity, wheelchairs, diabetics, heart disease, Cancer and all that fun stuff.

And, let’s say the Red Pill is the road to Slenderness, Sexiness, Awesome Health, Eternal Youth, Zero Hospital Bills and all the much sweeter stuff.
Which would you choose?

The answer is obvious. Or is it?

You see, the Red Pill may be the sweeter deal, but it’s not necessarily the sweeter option.

Obviously, everyone wants to be slim, sexy, strong, youthful and all of the rest,but no one wants to suffer to get there.

So, what MANY programs in the Dieting industry have done is to make the deal a little more“yummy”.

Sounds awesome right?

Except, there’s just one little problem. The Yummier option isn’t really a Red Pill. It’s more of a hybrid of the Red and the Blue pills.

So, it’s a bit like walking along the shoreline. You might stay dry most of the time, but there’s always the risk of getting splashed by an oncoming Wave at any time.

So, while it still helps you lose weight, it’s also easier to slip over to “junk foods”. For instance, if you love the taste of Bread. The transition from the less tasty and healthier Wholemeal bread to a Croissant is not that much of a leap.


So, what IS the Red Pill?

The Red Pill is basically what your Creator has given you fresh from his Supernatural Warehouse.

Yep. I am talking Fresh Produces like Fruits, Vegetables, Greens, Nuts, Eggs, Milk, and Seeds. But no meat.

And with Fresh Produces there’s no calorie counting. Provided you have a glass of water every hour and breathe nice and deep all the time, your Body will Text you and let you know when your intestines have no more rooms to let.

No meat??

Yep. And, here’s why. Red meat is now said to be the leading cause of Cancer and various other “slightly inconvenient” life-threatening illnesses.

And, given that Ducks, Chickens, and Frogs didn’t exactly land here in a Spaceship one night, I highly doubt they’re completely innocent in the matter. Therefore, the safe bet for me is zero meat and fish (which is kind of a meat too).

So, here’s my regular eating plan (for 6 days a week):

1 Banana Smoothie in the morning (with fresh milk, honey and 2 bananas)

2 More smoothies (made with Fresh Fruits, Veg, Greens, Nuts, Seeds and Skim Milk)

3 Egg Salads (made with Salads, Greens, Veggies, half a teaspoon of 100% pure Himalayan pink salt, 3-4 Eggs, 100% Natural Spices and Healthy oils such as Olive Oil, Rapeseed Oil, and Sesame Oil)

And lastly, but most importantly a glass of water every hour

And on the 7th day (Sunday), I eat anything I darn well please (aside from continuing with the hourly water ritual). But I never carry over any of the foods that I have on the Sunday over to the following Week. And, since my taste buds have now adjusted to LOVE and APPRECIATE raw food, I don’t feel deprived in any way.

The bottom line is “If you wanna get lean, eat what the Creator’s given you, in roughly the same proportions as he’s given them to us”.

Also, don’t forget to workout for at least 30 minutes a day. You can start with a slow 10-minute walk and build it up gradually to a 30-minute slow walk and then transition that into a power walk. And later, when your legs start calling out for more, give them something a little more fun and intense like P90X3.

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