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“I Wanna Be Happy” – These 20 Habits Will Transform You into a Very Happy Person

I Wanna Be Happy

Make it a habit to check your optimism, enthusiasm and gratitude levels every hour.

If you ever notice these levels dipping at any point of the day, try the following:

1. Close your eyes, inhale deeply and slowly for 2-3 minutes and visualize your goals as though they had already come to pass

2. Take a minute to be grateful (in your mind) for everything you have in your life and for all the setbacks and pitfalls your Creator has pulled you out of (even if they may seem insignificant)

3. Go for a quick 15-30 minute power walk with your favorite “uplifting” tunes for a quick boost in your mood

4. Listen to some uplifting music (feel free to dance and wiggle away if you’re up for it)

5. Watch a Motivational seminar on DVD (My Top 3 preferences are Les Brown, Tony Robbins, and Joel Osteen)

6. Start drinking a glass of water every hour

7. Switch everything you eat for 6 days a week to Fresh Produces like Raw Fruits, Veggies, Greens, Nuts, Eggs, Skim milk, and Seeds. I normally have 3 Fruit/Veg/Leafy Green/Nuts/Seed smoothies and 2 Egg salads each day for 6 days a week. Raw Foods make your body immune to the energy fluctuations that your body is normally susceptible to with Processed foods.

8. Get a Lava lamp or Fish tank and stare away. But avoid following any fish around in circles (with your eyes) as they can leave you feeling dizzy (and more stressed).

9. Get a water feature or water wall to block out any negative thoughts from creeping in

10. Meditate for 30 minutes a day (I do a session of the “Mindfulness of Breathing” in the morning and a session of “Life flow” in the evening. If you want the simple “plug and play” solution, just go with “Life flow”.

11. When sitting down, always sit away from the backrest, sit straight and breathe in slowly and deeply. It also helps to breathe out as well in between.

12. When walking, keep your shoulders pulled back with your head held high, and keep a reasonable “bouncy” pace in your legs. When you “simulate” joyfulness and liveliness in your body and in your speech, your mind (being the sucker that it is) just follow suit.

13. Always keep a light (and effortless) smile on your face and keep your eyes pointing straight or slightly upward. When our eyes start drifting downward, our minds tend to veer down “memory lane”.

14. STOP watching the news and other energy deflating programs.

15. STOP associating with negative and critical people

16. Become a nice,kind,generous and helpful soul every minute of every day

17. Keep your cool at all times, even when your Cat decides to redecorate your furniture

18. Keep your day action packed. Schedule your time and tasks and keep on rolling and jamming all day long.

19. Have a progressive growth plan for all important areas in your life.
If you try to do too much right away, you’ll give up and most likely abandon the possibility of growth and betterment altogether.
The principle of Kaizen Fusion is to grow one inch at a time every single week, in two or more areas in your life.
The progression can be as simple as increasing a daily 10-minute walk around the block to 11 minutes. Or it can be as simple as saying “I love you” just once to your spouse every day.

20. And, as they say in Star Trek, “Raise your Shields!”so that negative influences won’t set up camp anywhere near your sanity.

Ultimately, when this new lifestyle takes root and starts sprouting a steady flow of contentment and peace, you’ll feel awesome and beautiful every day.

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