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A SIMPLE Vegan Weight Loss Plan to Look and Feel Great for Life

Stick with fresh and wholesome foods to stay lean and healthy for life. You could also use this “formula” to snip out any “extra fluff” that’s gotten accumulated around your waist, thighs, neck, eyes and ears.

I am talking specifically about Fresh fruits, Vegetables, Greens, Salads, Nuts and Seeds. You can throw in a few eggs and maybe a glass of milk into the mix as well, if you have a close affinity to Hens and Heifers (aka. unmarried female cows). I left out the “meat” intentionally primarily for “health concerns”. Also, since I am yet to hear of any animals committing suicide I am guessing that they wanna still around for as long as possible, before …eventually dying of total boredom.

But if you are still keen on the Meat, then at the very least skip the Red Meat, as it’s now said to be the leading contributor of Cancer. My personal belief is that if Red Meat is the leading contributor to Cancer, then all other Meats (regardless of their “shade of red”) should at least play a part. I mean Chickens and Ducks didn’t exactly come here from a different planet while everyone was asleep you know. They pretty much have similar genetic structures as the rest. In fact, I’m 99% certain that at some point, some dude in a white coat who’s run out of interesting things to do will prove me right.

Now if fresh foods feel like too much of a leap for you right now, start by getting rid of anything that has salt, sugar, flour or preservatives instead. That means getting rid of nearly all of your canned foods, bottled foods, packed foods all the way to anything that comes in a syringe or a hookah.

The simple rule is if it’s got a name that takes you more than a minute to pronounce or it requires a pair of pliers to straighten out your tongue after pronouncing it, then it’s probably worth skipping altogether.

Just stick with everything Mama and Papa Nature’s given you, and try to eat them the way they had been given to you. Then all of the weight issues, illnesses, depressions and reptile dysfunctions along with nearly all other things “health related complications” would be a thing of the past. That means, you won’t ever need to worry about spending all your vacations in hospitals. Or need to bother test driving every wheelchair model that shows up at your local dealership.


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