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The Methodology Behind Sharing Knowledge

Sharing Knowledge

Don’t keep your discoveries to yourself. Share that expert knowledge with the world (whilst keeping all the non-expert “opinions” to yourself). Your findings may not seem like much to you or your Pets, but for someone else whose just starting out, they can be a real lifesaver.

So, how do you get the word out without robbing a few banks? And then spending several decades in Prison?

Simple. Just blog about it and then make some videos with you talking straight to the camera (the camera would need to be on while you’re doing this). Or you could shoot a series of demonstration videos if your subject knowledge can be demonstrated on a PC (or Mac). Then upload those videos to YouTube and Vimeo. You could also share these videos and blog entries through Social Media and Gossip Media for the extra exposure.

Some care must be given to the way you optimize the videos and articles for the Search Engines though, since search engines (Google in particular) have a kind of rule book they adhere to which determines which sites and videos get the bigger slices of traffic. And which sites get to feast on bread and water for all of eternity.

But, there’re a ton of books on the subject that’ll help make your site just as “traffic worthy” as the top dogs.


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